Transrealities #1

Transrealities #1 is now available on Comixology.

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Back in April I posted about how much I was looking forward to the debut gig of Kenickers?  Well.

I wrote how much I was looking forward to playing with the Misters of Circe in particular, going as far to say that “I can’t have imagined better company to do it in”.  Anyway so it turns out I could, as I ended up booking the Indelicates as well, and while I would not make relative value judgements, for certain the combination of them is better than either.

Dream gig.  Amazing bands, amazing audience.  Thank you everyone.

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Nando’s and Kenickers

I helped my friends the Wimmins’ Institute shoot a video for their new single, Nando’s. You know you’ve written a good song when you debut it at an album launch (which doesn’t include the song) and everyone is singing along to it by the end.

In other exciting news Kenickers actually have a gig, although it’s not for bloody ages.  We will be playing the Fiddler’s Elbow in Camden on June 30th – also on the bill are our friends the Misters of Circe.  I can’t believe how much I’m looking forward to playing these songs live for you all, and I can’t have imagined better company to do it in.

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learning to play

I wrote a short piece in the Loud Women e-zine encouraging people to play guitar.

Also, I’ve put an upcoming gigs page up.

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Identity zine

I’ve written a piece for the upcoming One Beat Zines anthology themed around identity.  It’s launching at Thought Bubble in November, and pre-orders are currently being taken.

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Wikipedia Hates Women: 4 Dark Sides of The Site We All Use

I co-wrote a piece for Cracked about my experiences editing Wikipedia.

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NineWorlds activities

I led the Blanket Fort construction workshops at the 2015 NineWorlds; and also talked about whether science matters in Doctor Who; and what we thought of Missy.

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