Star Wars #1 review

I reviewed Star Wars #1 for PanelBeats.

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Ant-Man #1 review

I reviewed Ant-Man #1 for PanelBeats.

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Welcome to Night Vale live review

I review Welcome to Night Vale’s touring show, ‘The Librarian over at Phil Sandifer’s blog.

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Time Heist review

I reviewed Time Heist for Unlimited Rice Pudding.

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The Wicked + The Divine: Overemotional Investment

I wrote a personal piece about my reaction to the first four issues of The Wicked and the Divine, for Panel Beats.

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Agents of SHIELD’s tone problem

I wrote a piece about the structural problems in season one of Agents of SHIELD for Panel Beats.

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Swerving the Fridge in Origin II

I wrote a piece about Origin II, and how Kieron Gillen plays with audience expectations re Wolverine’s refrigerator magnet status, for Panel Beats.

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