Records show that Abigail Brady was born in 1979.

She is a writer about gender, technology, comics, television and film and any combinations thereof.

Way back, when the Internet was steam-powered, she accidentally a MUD, set in the British Space Empire of the now rapidly approaching 2063. Part of her still doesn’t understand why games need graphics, anyway; another part remembers writing the descriptions of all those corridors.

In the 2000s she engaged with the open culture movement by becoming a hard-core Wikipedian, and mapping half her home city for OpenStreetMap.

More recently she has attended one too many “Writing Comics” panels and has decided that that sounds like a good idea, possibly due to heat and/or exhaustion.

Abigail did a Computer Science degree at the University of Southampton between 1997 and 2000, when she should have been writing the MUD, and most recently worked in the visual effects industry doing C++.

Abigail, god help her, is looking for freelance writing work.

email, twitter, tumblr.


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