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stop the world, i want to tune up

Last month NASA announced the discovery of a bunch of planets in the nearby star system TRAPPIST-1. The planets got a lot of notice because so many of them were in the “habitable zone” of the star (i.e. the bit … Continue reading

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Transrealities #1

Transrealities #1 is now available on Comixology.

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Back in April I posted about how much I was looking forward to the debut gig of Kenickers?  Well. I wrote how much I was looking forward to playing with the Misters of Circe in particular, going as far to say that “I can’t have … Continue reading

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Nando’s and Kenickers

I helped my friends the Wimmins’ Institute shoot a video for their new single, Nando’s. You know you’ve written a good song when you debut it at an album launch (which doesn’t include the song) and everyone is singing along to it by the … Continue reading

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learning to play

I wrote a short piece in the Loud Women e-zine encouraging people to play guitar. Also, I’ve put an upcoming gigs page up.

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Identity zine

I’ve written a piece for the upcoming One Beat Zines anthology themed around identity.  It’s launching at Thought Bubble in November, and pre-orders are currently being taken.

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Wikipedia Hates Women: 4 Dark Sides of The Site We All Use

I co-wrote a piece for Cracked about my experiences editing Wikipedia.

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